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The Ross-Tech VCDS® (VAG-COM Diagnostic Software) is designed to run on standard Windows® PCs. Using the Ross-Tech HEX-NET® or HEX-V2® interface, VCDS is capable of Rapid Diagnostics on VW/Audi/SEAT/Skoda from 1990 to current model year.

As an authorized Canadian distributor of Ross-Tech products since 2001, Roseland Technical Services Limited is pleased to offer the best value in diagnostic software for VW/Audi models in the Canadian market.

VCDS diagnostic software for VW/Audi models is a product that when used with an appropriate interface will perform virtually the same functions as the VAG 1551/52 diagnostic tool. With the proper adapter it can be used on all VW/Audi models from the early 1990's to present. It is most useful on 1996 and newer models that have many system controllers which can be accessed to read & clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTCs), log data, and change parameters. Some of the newest VW/Audi models have so many controllers on the vehicles Controller Area Network bus, also know as the CAN-bus, that there are two output data lines which require the use of the newest interfaces that can seamlessly access all the vehicle's controllers as required without any additional adapters.

The latest interface generation, the HEX-NET and HEX-V2 feature faster processing ability, user replaceable USB cables and a VIN limitation licensing method which makes for a more affordable product for the home user enthusiast with one to three cars up to the advanced enthusiast at a 10 VIN limit or the professional in a repair shop with unlimited VIN ability. They are also compatible with the newest VW/Audi models up to 2017 and prepared for the future.

There are now over 20000 DTCs and their descriptions built into the program, there is no need to look up a code to find out what it means with VCDS.

VCDS diagnostic software is the only Windows based VW/Audi exclusive diagnostic product on the market. It is only available from Ross-Tech or their authorized distributors.

All interfaces sold by Roseland Technical Services Limited are Genuine Ross-Tech interfaces and will work with the most recent releases of VCDS. They come with a one year warranty on the hardware. It is always best to use the most recent release of VCDS with your interface to ensure it's best operation. Ongoing VCDS updates are free to download from the Ross-Tech website. It is also important to register your interface with Ross-Tech so that you can receive your free technical support by email.

You may download the latest release of VCDS from the Ross-Tech website, before ordering from Roseland Technical Services Limited, your license for full access and the interface that suits your needs. Once you purchase your new interface and test it with your computer, your downloaded software can be fully activated. Further details on VCDS and the features that are presently available can be found at

Ross-Tech, VCDS, VCDS-Mobile, VCDS-Cloud, HEX-NET, and HEX-V2 are registered trademarks of Ross-Tech, LLC, USA. Authorized use of these has been granted to Roseland Technical Services.

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