Timing Belt Kit Bundle (CBEA/CJAA)

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Timing Belt Kit Bundle (CBEA/CJAA)
Timing Belt Kit Bundle (CBEA/CJAA)

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    Timing belt kit for the CBEA/CJAA TDI engine. The most common options are selected by default.

    The base timing belt kit is HEPU P/N PK05513 and includes the following:

    •     03L109119F - Timing Belt, Contitech brand
    •     03L121011G - Water pump with metal impeller, Hepu brand
    •     03L109243E - Tensioner, INA brand
    •     03G109244  - Roller (80mm), INA brand
    •     038109244J - Roller (40mm), INA brand
    •     03L109244C - Roller (28.5mm), INA brand
    •     N10444702  - Stud (M8x55) for 40mm roller
    •     N01508315  - M8 nut for 40mm roller
    •     N90905502  - Stud (M10xM8x73) for tensioner
    •     038109454A - M8 nut for tensioner
    •     N10699901  - Bolt (M10x45) for 80mm roller
    •     N10128110  - Bolt (MM8x30) for 28.5mm roller
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