Crank Yank Counterhold for 4 Cylinder


Crank counterhold tool to be used when removing and installing the crank center bolt on 4 cylinder VW/Audi engines.

This 3rd generation crank yank counterhold tool is used on VW/Audi 4 cylinder engines to hold the crank while removing and installing the crank sprocket center bolt.

How to use:

    1. Bolt the tool hub to the crank sprocket with the self-centering high strength bolts provided.

    1. Slide in some standard 3/4" water pipe for the handle (not included) and tighten set screw on to hold pipe.

    1. Rotate the handle to any of 14 positions from BDC or TDC to place the handle in a handy spot or against a rigid stop (floor, subframe, etc.) The pipe used for this 3rd Generation tool can be threaded or unthreaded because it is held in place with a set screw.

    1. Insert the high strength pins to lock tool handle to the tool hub at the desired angle.

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Manufacturer P/NMNYANK
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