Brake Pads, Rear (Zimmermann) (MK4/MK6)


Set of four semi-metallic brake pads for MK4 chassis cars. Comes with brakes pads and four new bolts. Shims sold separately and individually below. 4 required.

Also used on MK6 chassis cars.

Alternate part numbers: 1J0698451R, 1J0615405AQ, 5C0698451, 5C0698451C, 5C0698451A, 5C0698451B, 5Q0698451E, 5Q0698451G, 8E0615406AL, 8E0615406AQ, 8E0615406BA, 8E0698451B, 8E0615405BJ, 8E0615406BH, 8E0615405AK, 8E0615405R, 8E0615406R, 8E0615406AK, 8E0615405AQ, 8E0615405AR, 8E0615406AR, 8E0615405AL, 8E0615405BH, 8E0615406BJ, 8E0615405BA, 8E0698451E, 8E0615406AT, 8E0615405AT, 8E0698451D, 8E0698451K

More Information
Manufacturer P/N23554.170.1
OEM Reference1J0698451R
Alternate P/N1J0615405AQ, 5C0698451, 5C0698451C, 5C0698451A, 5C0698451B, 5Q0698451E
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